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Livin’ A Movie

Posted in Flicks, What's Goin' On?, Whatever on March 8, 2011 by Free Smith

Back in the day, I remember you were the shit if you had a Walkman and headphones. Nowadays, you’re lacking if you don’t have a pair of earbuds in your head and God help you if you have a Discman, let alone a Walkman (perish the thought). I’ve now found myself with a Droid X and can’t see how I lived without it. All of a sudden in one device that I carry in my pocket, I can surf the damn Net, jam my proverbial tunes, compose some sweet docs , take pics, record flicks, play games and much much more. Oh yea. It makes phone calls too. How could I forget? They just need a battery that lasts longer. That’s how they’re getting over. We’re forced to spend more and more on energy and memory. You don’t have to memorize anything anymore. You used to have to actually know people’s contact info. I literally have no idea how we were able to contact each other so easily before. Now you’re in absolute oblivion if it happens that you’ve misplaced the shit you carry around in your pocket all day. Where the hell am I? I remember when floppy disks blew my mind and I was addicted to Yahoo when I discovered the internet in Middle School in the computer lab. But I digress. My focus was on earbuds a second ago. It’s really crazy to me. Now you can inconspicuously walk around with your soundtrack playing all day. It’s just another way in which reality has been altered. They know that we all dream of living a movie. Now life is more like that. We can live our everyday lives like movies with music to set the mood for the scenes (I bet Blankman wished he had an mp3 player. He’d probably save more stamina by just having his music playing instead of humming it while fighting). Music is such a beast that it in itself can alter reality. It effects emotion which is the driving force behind anything that happens in the world. Just some thoughts…


That’s A Curse Word?

Posted in Whatever on November 15, 2010 by Free Smith

Fuck, bitch, shit, ass, cunt. Now, what did I just say? What did that mean? I’ll tell you. NOTHING! Although those words meant absolutely nothing, they’ll still be criticized as being profane. Did you know that the word ‘profane’ actually refers to speech that is blasphemous or against what is godly? Did I REALLY just do that? Others would just merely call them ‘curse words’. To me, ‘curse words’ are words used to curse somebody else which would mean to wish some type of ill will on them. Did that first sentence do that? In my estimation, the profanity or negativity or whatever you want to call it in language lies completely within the intentions of the speaker. So when somebody says, “What the HECK,” as opposed to “What the FUCK”, it’s the exact same thing. The meaning of whatever that person was trying to say is the same. It’s just that sometime back in the day somebody decided that the combination of the letters f, u, c and k was vulgar. That’s all these words are in most cases, a combination of letters. If I stub my toe and yell, “FUCK,” I didn’t really say anything significant. If I put ‘ass’ at the end of a phrase (i.e. big ass head), where’s the real harm in that? Sure it’s ignorant (it’s always stuck with me from Malcolm X when Brother Baines told Malcolm that a man curses because he doesn’t know the better word to use), but it’s really harmless most of the time. We’ve just been conditioned to cringe at the utterance of these words/phrases. Now, if I were to say, “Fuck you,” or call somebody a ‘bitch’, that would be cursing. There are negative implications behind that, but there are a million ways to do somebody harm verbally. Why ban specific words? I would rather somebody come up to me and say, “How the fuck you doin’,” than somebody come at me and say, “You, sir, are an imbecile.” Sure the latter had the better vocabulary, but the language was far more offensive. I don’t know. This is just something that I’ve been thinking about. Just wanted to write it down and share.

Whoopsy: The Reckless Bird-Flip

Posted in The Man, Whatever with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on September 29, 2010 by Free Smith

Nah. I’m not wilin’. I’m not talkin’ about flippin’ birds in the Griselda Blanco sense of the phrase. I’m talking about the dubious “finger”. Yea, today I gave somebody the finger by accident. Terrible. I was driving down Hook Rd. and getting ready to turn down Calcon Hook when I spotted a navy blue Impala. Now, my twin brother drives a navy blue Impala and this one was very similar. He usually has his moonroof up and so did this one. The guy driving was of a similar complexion and build and he was wearing a fitted much like my bro. As I turned down the street, I emphatically stuck my T-Rex arm out of the window and jestingly flicked my chickadee directly in this brotha’s direction. My smile instantly dropped when I saw an unfamiliar very confused yet perturbed face staring back at me. Then I made a negating gesture to try to rectify the terrible situation, but I’m not sure if he noticed. I’m damn sure he saw the middle finger. Being the paranoid person that I am, I was in my rearview mirrors for a minute making sure he wasn’t going to turn around and make some type of retribution move. Being that it was in my neighborhood, I’m hoping that this doesn’t turn into something, though I’m sure it won’t. Just call me Rayful. No more bird flipping.

Bent: Velicoff Vodka

Posted in Good Times, Shit n' Giggles, Whatever with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on September 29, 2010 by Free Smith

Hilariously enough, these are the only pictures in the Googleverse of Velicoff. I’m sure that the majority of you have never heard of Velicoff. You most certainly have heard of it if you attended Howard University anywheres between 2002 to about ’06, especially if you were a house party aficionado like myself and my chums. At less than $10 per handle, the price is right to make an abundance Jungle Juice for any soiree that you may be planning. Shout out to those 618 boys. Much love from Dj Free.There’s a Velicoff everywhere though i.e. Burnett’s, McCormick’s. Drinks like these are if you don’t feel like droppin’ dough on the big boys i.e. Ciroc, Belvie, Goose and what have you. They’re all the same with a proof around 80 and 40% alcohol by volume, but the distinct difference that I’m seeing is that the big guys are actually distilled from something. Belvie: rye; Ciroc: grapes; Goose: grain; Velicoff: n/a. LOL. But there is a trick. Finish off a bottle of the good shit, save the bottle and fill ‘er up with some Veli. You can get away with this. A friend of mine did this and a couple of my other numbskull friends fell for it hook, line and sinker. I’ll admit, the okey-doke was pulled on me too by the same dude, but I was skeptical because of the severe burning sensation I experienced in my throat (PAUSE). That’s the way to tell. The good shit is smooth. The terrible shit burns. Cheers.

Office Quote

Posted in Whatever on September 23, 2010 by Free Smith

If you know me, you know that the Office is my SHIT! Simply ingenious…

Michael: …and nobody messed with the Damn Rascals again.

Jim: Hey, when you’re a Jet (starts snapping West Side Story style), you’re a Jet all the way

Michael: (dead ass instant response) You’re a Jet?