ImageFirst and foremost, I want to say, I respect money. We need it to live, it gets us what we want and all that jazz, but at the same time, FUCK MONEY. LOL. It takes our focus off of everything that we SHOULD be doing. People like to throw around the “Money is the root of all evil” quote around just because it makes people do things that may be underhanded/shady/dishonest or what have you, but I think it’s deeper than that. I curse whomever it was that decided to trade a good or service for a piece of paper or metal in the first place. In my opinion, the whole point of business is to make your product/service omnipotent or God-like. Make it the main focus of the buyer. The way I feel about money is the same way I feel about crack. It takes people’s souls. Back to the point, the money is now too God-like for our own good. Shit, even churches NEED it to function. Look at money. It is a shape-shifter (cash or coin). It’s the universal language that can be translated from place to place (i.e. dollars, pounds, yen, etc.). They’ve even made a way for it to be invisible through cards (I guess the credit card would be the priest in this scenario.), but we always have faith that it’s there and will do what it’s “promised” to do.

I believe that we’re all here to use God’s creation to bring people closer to Him, but people did the wrong thing with the money. I always say that it’s Satan’s goal to do all in his power to take the focus off of God with his antics and money has done just that. As I said before, even the churches HAVE TO have it to run, so in a way, the money takes precedence over God at the end of the day. I used to think the Internet was the best that man has done to imitate God. It too is everywhere and you go to it to find out what you want to know (the computers would be the priests in THIS scenario. LOL). But all in all, fuck the money. Use it because you have to in this society, but don’t let it own you. Yes, it is the ROOT of all evil, because, let’s be real, evil is Satan and vice versa and in a roundabout  way, the money is accomplishing Satan’s goal, to divert your attention from God. We spend our entire week working to make money and set aside an hour or so a week to God on Sundays. So, I guess what I’m asking is for you to keep the money in perspective. Like Big Meech said, you gotta blow it because when it’s over, you can’t take it with you.

However, when it’s over, I’m a firm believer that there is God that you will have to answer to and that’s what we should be focusing on while we live these lives we were given.


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