Pursuit Of Knowledge: The Original Sin

I blame Adam & Eve for all of my life’s problems. I have to worry about clothes shopping because of them. I have to worry about dying because of them. Hell, all of the world’s misery and discomfort can be attributed to those two noodniks. In the famous story (whether you believe the world started with 2 people or they symbolize many people), God gave them the world and said, “Look. All of this great shit you see is yours. Just don’t eat anything off of that tree over there.” That tree would be the ‘Tree of Knowledge/Good & Evil/what have you”. All they had to do was chill and do what they wanted. Go on walks, tame and play with animals, eat good fruits and veggies, make stuff if they felt like it and just talk to God.

Cool. End of story right? WRONG! There was a hater in that time. His name was Satan and he is extremely jealous of God and his creation, so of course he has to meddle in. He takes the form of a snake. Now he knows that Adam and Eve are dumb by nature. They’re dumb in the way babies are dumb. They just don’t know better. So he goes to Eve and says, “You know that boy God’s on some bullshit right? Yeah all this stuff around here is cool, but this tree that he told you not to eat from is the SHIT! Eat from it and you’ll know what God knows.” He tells them this knowing damn well he himself doesn’t know what God knows and has not eaten from this tree. Eve, being the moron she was took a quince, ate it with her husband and the rest is literally downhill. They got a glimpse into what God knows. He knew the preciousness of the human body. Now they did and didn’t know how to handle it so they covered up. I imagine this is when animals started getting killed to make clothes. Even more important, God knew that KNOWING in and of itself is a stressor that his folks didn’t necessarily need to worry about. He also knew that people wouldn’t be able to handle his knowledge, so even if they did eat from the tree, they’d know, but they wouldn’t be able to comprehend these simple, powerful truths that he knows.

And that’s where I believe the curse comes in. Now, since Adam and Eve, we’re on a nonstop quest to answer the question “Why?” Now, we have the fundamental need to understand God and his creation. We have to, HAVE TO know it all. Why are these materials here? Why is weather the way it is? Why do people do what they do? We need to know all of this stuff when, in the beginning, all we had to know was that God was real and would take care of everything. Now, the thirst for knowledge has totally blinded us to the glory of God. In this world, you have to learn something in order to survive and provide for your family. If Adam & Eve just told Satan to go on somewhere and leave that tree alone, we’d be chillin’, creatin’, procreatin’ and most importantly, livin’. Damnit Adam & Eve.


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