Spiritual Intercourse

I make my way to the altar.
Incense and song waft through the air.
My mind’s fears and doubts begin to falter.
My heart hands over all worries and cares.

I take my spot around the table.
Throngs follow waiting for their turn.
To become one with the Savior born in a stable,
Is what we all yearn

The cloaked pastor moves about,
With shimmering ciborium and chalice in hand.
Blessings flow from his mouth,
That humble the most stubborn man.

I extend my palms out.
He places the Body on them as songs are sung.
I lift it to my mouth,
And let it rest on my tongue.

He brings me cup.
It’s filled with the Blood.
The metal touches my lips,
The touch followed by the sacramental flood.

Body and Blood mix,
Then it’s swallowed.
My fingers touch my head then my stomach,
With a gesture from left shoulder to right to follow.

I fall to my knees
My heart ascends to the Heavens
I pray that my actions will please.
After blood from the Lamb and Body unleavened.


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