Marcus Garvey Speaks

I came listened to this speech today and might I say, it fucked my head ALL up. Yes, it’s pretty random for a random Tuesday afternoon, but fuck it. Can you imagine anybody in this day and age saying speaking like this? Wow! Not to mention he was doing it waaaaay back in the day. He had to be the most feared man in America. Agree or disagree with what he’s saying, it’s a pretty damned dynamic speech and no matter what your views on race may be, he says something that’ll hit your heart. One example of the craziness: he said, “In life I shall be a flame. In death I shall be a TERROR!!!” What??? He was saying that he’ll be more powerful dead than alive because he’ll come back as a natural disaster or pestilence fighting on our behalf. Wowzers. I’m going to go back through the book of speeches that I have by him right now…


One Response to “Marcus Garvey Speaks”

  1. […] to liberate Blacks in America, founder of the UNIA, counterpart to W.E.B. DuBois and the NAACP, Marcus Garvey, put his separatist mission in a religious context, “As the Jew is held together by his […]

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