Livin’ A Movie

Back in the day, I remember you were the shit if you had a Walkman and headphones. Nowadays, you’re lacking if you don’t have a pair of earbuds in your head and God help you if you have a Discman, let alone a Walkman (perish the thought). I’ve now found myself with a Droid X and can’t see how I lived without it. All of a sudden in one device that I carry in my pocket, I can surf the damn Net, jam my proverbial tunes, compose some sweet docs , take pics, record flicks, play games and much much more. Oh yea. It makes phone calls too. How could I forget? They just need a battery that lasts longer. That’s how they’re getting over. We’re forced to spend more and more on energy and memory. You don’t have to memorize anything anymore. You used to have to actually know people’s contact info. I literally have no idea how we were able to contact each other so easily before. Now you’re in absolute oblivion if it happens that you’ve misplaced the shit you carry around in your pocket all day. Where the hell am I? I remember when floppy disks blew my mind and I was addicted to Yahoo when I discovered the internet in Middle School in the computer lab. But I digress. My focus was on earbuds a second ago. It’s really crazy to me. Now you can inconspicuously walk around with your soundtrack playing all day. It’s just another way in which reality has been altered. They know that we all dream of living a movie. Now life is more like that. We can live our everyday lives like movies with music to set the mood for the scenes (I bet Blankman wished he had an mp3 player. He’d probably save more stamina by just having his music playing instead of humming it while fighting). Music is such a beast that it in itself can alter reality. It effects emotion which is the driving force behind anything that happens in the world. Just some thoughts…


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