That’s A Curse Word?

Fuck, bitch, shit, ass, cunt. Now, what did I just say? What did that mean? I’ll tell you. NOTHING! Although those words meant absolutely nothing, they’ll still be criticized as being profane. Did you know that the word ‘profane’ actually refers to speech that is blasphemous or against what is godly? Did I REALLY just do that? Others would just merely call them ‘curse words’. To me, ‘curse words’ are words used to curse somebody else which would mean to wish some type of ill will on them. Did that first sentence do that? In my estimation, the profanity or negativity or whatever you want to call it in language lies completely within the intentions of the speaker. So when somebody says, “What the HECK,” as opposed to “What the FUCK”, it’s the exact same thing. The meaning of whatever that person was trying to say is the same. It’s just that sometime back in the day somebody decided that the combination of the letters f, u, c and k was vulgar. That’s all these words are in most cases, a combination of letters. If I stub my toe and yell, “FUCK,” I didn’t really say anything significant. If I put ‘ass’ at the end of a phrase (i.e. big ass head), where’s the real harm in that? Sure it’s ignorant (it’s always stuck with me from Malcolm X when Brother Baines told Malcolm that a man curses because he doesn’t know the better word to use), but it’s really harmless most of the time. We’ve just been conditioned to cringe at the utterance of these words/phrases. Now, if I were to say, “Fuck you,” or call somebody a ‘bitch’, that would be cursing. There are negative implications behind that, but there are a million ways to do somebody harm verbally. Why ban specific words? I would rather somebody come up to me and say, “How the fuck you doin’,” than somebody come at me and say, “You, sir, are an imbecile.” Sure the latter had the better vocabulary, but the language was far more offensive. I don’t know. This is just something that I’ve been thinking about. Just wanted to write it down and share.


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