Whoopsy: The Reckless Bird-Flip

Nah. I’m not wilin’. I’m not talkin’ about flippin’ birds in the Griselda Blanco sense of the phrase. I’m talking about the dubious “finger”. Yea, today I gave somebody the finger by accident. Terrible. I was driving down Hook Rd. and getting ready to turn down Calcon Hook when I spotted a navy blue Impala. Now, my twin brother drives a navy blue Impala and this one was very similar. He usually has his moonroof up and so did this one. The guy driving was of a similar complexion and build and he was wearing a fitted much like my bro. As I turned down the street, I emphatically stuck my T-Rex arm out of the window and jestingly flicked my chickadee directly in this brotha’s direction. My smile instantly dropped when I saw an unfamiliar very confused yet perturbed face staring back at me. Then I made a negating gesture to try to rectify the terrible situation, but I’m not sure if he noticed. I’m damn sure he saw the middle finger. Being the paranoid person that I am, I was in my rearview mirrors for a minute making sure he wasn’t going to turn around and make some type of retribution move. Being that it was in my neighborhood, I’m hoping that this doesn’t turn into something, though I’m sure it won’t. Just call me Rayful. No more bird flipping.


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