Monday’s The New Sunday

Sorry for being oh so late, but I’ve been busier today than I ever anticipated. Church was hours ago and I was trying to put something up about my Sunday, but between meetings, groceries, the Birds and Boardwalk Empire, things got a little fucked up. Forgiveness please.

Anyhoo, today was Men’s Day at my parish home, the wonderful, St. George St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in West Philly. The kid was pretty dapper was he not?

Wardrobe provided by:



Special Notes:
My Piece N’ Chain
This is my piece and chain these days. Back in the boy, I was the #1 Stunna rockin’ pieces like this all willy nilly:

No bullshit. I really had one of those.

But these days, that crucifix is what I wear. I received it as a gift from my church on my Confirmation I believe (which would explain it’s shitty appearance). It holds a special place in my heart. I found it a little bit ago and wear it everywhere now

I copped this simply because it’s hot. LOL. Meaningful, but fuego.


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