Remember this? The Everlast Chastity Belt:

Just a little throwback nostalgia for ya, but rape is far from a joke. All the dudes that get locked up for it and violated in jail deserve everything they get. Now however, they might just get a nice pre-punishment for their pathetic actions. Introducing The Rape-aXe. Take a look (obligatory NO HOMO):

That would be the Rape-aXe, a device developed by Sonnet Ehlers of South Africa (pictured above). The way it works: Women would insert this thing into THEIR thing tampon-style (O_o). If an attacker comes to do his worst, when he gets in, BARBS, yes, BARBS attach to his member. Even crazier, the only way to remove the Rape-aXe is SURGICALLY, so yea, you’re going down rapists with the double whammy of all double whammies! This gets two thumbs up from me. Give those pricks what they deserve….pun. Once again: NO HOMO!!!


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