What I’m Rockin’ Today: Ali New Era Fitted, Rocawear Tee, Nubian Heritage, Burberry

You can get away with some, but fitteds must be New Era 95% of the time. Yesterday, at City Blue on 69th St., I came across these fitteds dedicated to my #1 hero, Muhammad Ali. I only copped one, but there were 2 others. One was white, so I’ll stay away. Me and white gear don’t get along very well. But the other one was black and just said: I AM THE GREATEST. Need that one.

Also copped at City Blue. I like throwback shit. In the words of Walter Solbcheck, “You’re damn right I’m livin’ in the past!” I like this jawn because it involves Numbers Runners (one of the great grinds in hustling history) and has PHILADELPHIA listed in the cities alongside NY, The Chi, LA, ATL and Dallas. About time we get some recognition as an ill city. It’s a little lame that it’s signed by “El Presidente”, Hovito and says that it’s a “Subsidiary of The Roc La Familia”, but I can deal with that…

Also while on 6-9, I went ahead and copped some Nubian Heritage soap. I got some of their African Black Soap and Shea Butter Soap with Frankincense & Myrrh. Why the latter? Yea you guessed it: a little lame, but because it’s what was brought to baby Jesus on Christmas. A tad creepy being myrrh was used during the embalming process back then and was to symbolize His death, but my throwed mind felt the need to do it. Smells good though and the money is supposedly invested into West African communities…even though I purchased it from Asians. Nothing wrong with Asians at all, but I’m just sayin’.


Also while in the shop, I actually found my scent! Though they were cool years ago, Burberry makes the shit for me and I found the exact one that I like after a long time of not being able to find it. If my money isn’t right, the Burberry Muslim oil does the trick too…


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