Spotlight: Galaxy by Harvic

If you even have one ounce of hoodiness in your blood, you absolutely have to know about Galaxy. Galaxy has been holdin’ me down for years. Go into any cornerstore and odds are, you’ll find stacks of white and black Galaxy tees on the shelves. They’re good quality and most convenient. Need a fresh tee? Hop out at the store, drop the $5 and roll. But Galaxy tees come in mad colors (even multi-color) if you go to the right spots (i.e. Forman Mills). Not only do they have tees, but they have polos too; plain and striped for under $10. These work because they have no logo. No harm, no foul. Much better than buying something with some asinine, anonymous name or logo on it. Shit, I’ll take them any day over Beverly Hills Polos, USPA’s, CHAPS or any of that other bullshit. The infamous “call out” is negated. Fuck wit’ Galaxy


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